Meet The Team

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The Story of TKC Homes

TJ and Kimber met in their hometown of Otsego and had been great friends for years.  When Kimber became engaged to her longtime boyfriend, TJ realized he had to convey his true feelings to the love of his life.  They have been together ever since and became happily married in 2013. After Kimber finished graduate school at the University of Michigan, TJ and Kimber made a move to Chicago so TJ could pursue his passion for real estate.

TJ instantly flourished in the real estate field, bringing in over $800 million in sales to his company.  After the arrival of their son in 2016, TJ and Kimber knew they had to find their way back to Michigan.  Since being home, TJ and Kimber dreamed of creating their own real estate business but didn’t know how it would work.  They just knew they had to start somewhere; so they jumped right in and decided to make their dream a reality.

As they began to develop the company and carve their niche in the big world of real estate, they quickly realized there was a distinct need in real estate redevelopment in southwest Michigan.  With the goal of working together in real estate doing what they love, TJ and Kimber decided to use their knowledge and passion for real estate to transform their community.  So they decided to create a real estate company to target the acquisitions and revitalization of residential properties, known as “TKC Homes.”

TJ Cremeans – President & Co-Founder

TJ enjoys acquiring investors and partnering with contractors to create high quality renovated properties for TKC Homes. A licensed real estate agent with Exit Strategy Realty, TJ works hard at finding and working with motivated buyers and sellers to redevelop communities.
Managing and operating his family business sparked his love for entrepreneurship. He always had a love for sales and working with clients, and in 2014 his career brought his family to Chicago and into the large world of real estate. While working in real estate sales, TJ found his passion in collaborating with investors and executing the detailed processes of commercial property acquisitions. This quickly motivated Kimber and TJ to transition into their own real estate investment ventures.
In his off time, TJ enjoys training and running in half and full marathons and is excited to begin triathlons in the near future. Working to create a legacy for his family motivates him daily, and his son Kaison gives him all the reason to work hard and strive for great success.

Kimber Cremeans – Co-Founder

Kimber enjoys the remodeling and redesign aspect of real estate development. She has always had a passion for transforming properties into homes where families can love and grow. “I always try to imagine my own kids running around the yard or where I’d put holiday decorations in these houses. I truly want it to feel like home the moment you walk in the door,” she says.
Kimber received her B.A. In Psychology from Michigan State University and her Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan. She has worked for the past four years as a school social worker in low-income elementary schools. She is also the very proud mom of a beautiful one-year-old boy, Kaison.


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