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TKC Homes is a professional, full-service real estate solutions firm that buys and sells properties throughout the SouthWest Michigan area. We specialize in buying distressed homes at a significant discount and renovate and resell them to retail home buyers and landlords. Founded in 2017 by TJ and Kimber Cremeans, TKC Homes  is excited to be part of the area’s

Since its inception, TKC Homes has passionately pursued the goal to help people in our community find an answer to their real estate needs. Through the years, they’ve developed a solid foundation of real estate knowledge, with the integrity to follow up on promises and make successful deals happen.

You may hear from others, the news, or even real estate agents, that My Homeinvestors won’t offer competitive prices for the homeowner, but this simply isn’t true. TKC Homes is part of a nationwide group of thousands of investors who are helping tens of thousands of homeowners every year.  

Give us a call today to let us know what you need help with.  It doesn’t matter if you are buying, selling, or looking to invest in real estate.  We are one of the TOP real estate companies our area.

Call us today at 269-350-4374 to learn how we can help you out


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